February 11-14, 2016
Chiang Mai, Thailand



/ about the 2016 forum

More than 1 billion children are exposed to violence every year and 152 million are considered orphans. At least 7 million of them literally have no one in their lives and need a new permanent family. Research demonstrates that institutional care is not the best solution for the development of children and can even be damaging to a child’s ability to lead a healthy, productive life. A cultural and infrastructural shift to family-based care (strengthening biological families, kinship and foster care, and adoption) must take place.

Thankfully God's people are rising to respond to the plight of the fatherless. In many countries churches are joining efforts with governments, NGOs, and businesses to bring sustainable transformation to the way orphans and vulnerable children are being cared for in their societies. We believe the Body of Christ has the capacity to provide every child with permanent family connections and end the orphan crisis. God is a Father of the fatherless and he sets the lonely in families (Ps. 68:5-6).  

In light of this growing movement, the first Global Forum for a World Without Orphans was held on February 11-14, 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was a strategic time to activate, connect, and equip the Christian community worldwide to address the orphan crisis, as leaders from around the world developed and shared solutions that provide every child with a safe, stable, and nurturing family.

/ immediate outcomes - 2016 forum

  • Increased collaboration within the global Christian community 
  • New national orphan care movements catalyzed
  • Capacity of orphan care movements increased
  • Churches worldwide mobilized and equipped for family based care
  • Best practices identified and multiplied

/ long-term outcomes - 2016 forum


A New Global Paradigm


Family-based care for orphans rather than institutions


Children in Families


Children living in safe, stable, and nurturing family environments through reunification with biological families, foster care or adoption


More Resources Mobilized


More resources to support growing national orphan care movements

who attended the 2016 forum

The ultimate purpose of the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans is to increase the number of children growing up in safe, permanent, and nurturing families by building capacity in the global Christian community. We accomplished this by bringing together 450 key influencers from 60 countries to develop and share solutions.


To our knowledge, a large-scale global Christian event specifically focused on family-based care for orphans had never taken place. This gathering, as well as preparation for the event and its follow up, increased the capacity of the growing global orphan care movement and will eventually result in better care for children through family strengthening and reunification, adoption, foster care, and mentoring.

  • Pastors and other church and denominational leaders
  • NGO and ministry leaders and professionals
  • Global/regional trainers and experts working in orphan care, adoption or foster care
  • Business leaders using business to impact vulnerable children in their country
  • Government officials
  • Media leaders
  • Orphan care champions, including adoptive and foster parents
  • * all attendees received an official invitation/approval to attend

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feb 11-14, 2016



Empress Hotel

chiang mai, thailand

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