sunday, 14 february 2016

9:00 – 10:30 START Session VI: CONNECTING
  Worship with Mac Powell
  Connection Time* led by Pastor Greg Haswell, George Ebenezer, Beth Templeton and Jenny Means
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 13:00 CHOICE SESSION 5
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 – 18:00 START Session VII: COMMISSIONING
  Worship with Mac Powell and Abundant Grace Church Worship Team
  Regional Reports
  Commissioning and prayer


*The Connection Time will be a unique interactive time where every participant will have a chance to find a place of rest and connection with our adoptive Father, be refreshed by His love and hear what He is saying to each of us, His beloved children. We believe that this place of connection is the secret to sustainability for us all.

CHOICE SESSION 5 - Movement/God

Sunday – 11:30 – 13:00

  • STRATEGIZING E - The Child and the Discipling Family - Turning to the Family as Key Partner - Board Room #1
    • Matthew Ling The church needs to partner with the family to be successful in orphan ministry. In this session we will explore strategies on how to maximize effectiveness in the church and parent partnership. This will include the roles of the church and the home and the culture change process involved.
  • 41) Country Movements: Challenges and Strategies (SHARE) - Nopphakao Room #1
    • Stefi Micliuc, Billance Chondwe, Alex Sam, Ivan Ikliushin, Vadim Iashin, Roman Korniyko, Oleg Shelashskiy, George Abaidoo, Sukhen Biswas, and Rafael Afanador The World Without Orphan movement is growing around the globe. This session will focus on county leader stories of how their own regions or country has met the challenge and stepped into the movement with passion. You will leave inspired and full of new ideas.
  • 42) The Heart of the Father for the Fatherless (SHARE) - Chiangmai Room #2
    • Steve Weber, David Hennessey, and Lynn Johnston A father of the fatherless. In a literal sense, so as to show mercy to them, take care of them, and protect them; and this is a character which the great God often assumes, partly to express His power and providence over such, and partly to signify His tenderness, mercy, and goodness to them; and in which He should be imitated by by all good men: for it was not only a law in Israel to show regard to such, and take care not to afflict them, but it is also a branch of pure undefiled Christian religion, James 1:27, in attending to which we resemble the great Author. (Gill’s Exposition)
  • 43) Rehabilitation: Using Diagnostics to Create a Plan of Care for Children in Out-of-Home Care - Part 2 (SKILL BUILDING) - Board Room #3
    • Marek Wnuk Children and youth who have been hurt from the impact of exploitation, separation and loss need special assistance in development. This session will prepare the trainer to help others in understanding the strategies and challenges of helping a child with their growth and development. (This is a two part session)
  • 44) Volunteering that Works: Reasons why we’re talking about shifting missions away from residential care settings (SHARE) - Chiangmai Room #5
    • Sarah Gesiriech, Anna McKeon, and Rebecca Smith There is a global, cross-sector movement to address some of the problems caused by missions team and volunteers working with vulnerable children in residential care centres. The panellists will share their experience on this topic and discuss how the funds and practical assistance provided by churches, missions teams and volunteers, despite good intentions, can inadvertently fuel the separation of children from their families. In addition, they will address the harm that can be caused to children due through disrupted attachment and an increased risk of abuse. Panellists will also discuss the work underway to make steps towards positive change and to increase understanding and best practice in child protection for missions and volunteering in general.
  • 45) International Leadership and Development Center – Ukraine (SHOWCASE) - Chiangmai Room #3
    • Daria Bondarenko Sending an individual out to serve orphans without knowledge and training can be a violation to the very children and families we hope to help. ILDC has developed a comprehensive format in Ukraine to see that capacity building trainings are available to churches, NGO’s and government agencies working with children. ILDC has developed a comprehensive way of serving in Ukraine that builds a best practice knowledge base within the country to give those working with churches, NGO’s and government a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to work with.
  • 46) Orphan Sunday: The Key that Unlocks Hearts for the Orphan (SHARE) - Chiangmai Room #4
    • Gary Schneider, Malen Papadopoulos, Madan Shah, Sara Vargas, Julio Sagastume Since 2002, Orphan Sunday has been instrumental in leading thousands of individuals and churches around the world to pray for and serve orphans. From its humble beginnings in a small church in Zambia, Orphan Sunday is now observed through tens of thousands events in 75 nations on six continents. Each year on the second Sunday in November, Christians around the world come together on one day with one voice and one purpose – to call the Body of Christ to care for the orphan. Hear from veteran coordinators of this impactful event that you can bring to your congregation, region or nation to spur hearts to join the movement!
  • 47) Self Care When Working With Traumatized Youth - Part 2 (SKILL BUILDING) - Board Room #4
    • Kathy Hallick and Bev van Rensburg One of the primary challenges in working in orphan ministry is the issue of secondary traumatic stress and/or compassion fatigue. Trainers will be given a two-day curriculum (this is a two part session) that will help others manage the issues of self-care. The National Traumatic Stress Network from the United States says that one of the most neglected skills of workers who serve children is that of caring for self. You will receive a certificate, trainer guide, powerpoints and handouts.
  • 48) A City Without Orphans (SHARE) - Nopphakao Room #2
    • Brian Wilkinson An exploration into what a city wide response might look like, if we were really to target a city without orphans.
  • 49) "A World Without Orphans" - Documentary Screening & Expert Panel (SHOWCASE) - Chiangmai Room #1
    • Brittany DeVries, Jedd Medefind, Daniel Kaggwa, Sarah Chhin & George Ebenezer What is the role of the Global Church in creating a world without orphans? How can we accomplish this lofty goal while holding to best practice and the latest research? Watch the short documentary A World Without Orphans, and join in the discussion moderated by Producer Brittany DeVries with expert panelists. In this session you will also learn how to use screenings of WWO to engage your local churches and as a fundraiser tool for your ministry. Attendees will receive the English transcription of WWO to translate into their native language.