thursday, 11 february 2016

The Global Forum for a World Without Orphans is fast approaching.  We have a dynamic program designed especially for you.  You will be encouraged, enlightened and inspired as you collect stories, experiences and ideas which will bring new hope to family based orphan care.  The program will be divided into two parts:  Start Sessions and Choice Sessions

START (General) Sessions
trategic, Transforming, Activating, Refreshing, and Timely
The Forum will bring to the platform speakers who are experts in their field and leaders who have made a major impact with the orphan movement across the globe.  Each speaker will share exciting information and ideas in one of five Forum Cornerstones:  God, Child, Family, Church and Movement.
The purpose of each START speaker is to challenge:

  • Becoming Strategic in all you do
  • Transforming you or your work to a movement of excellence
  • Activating your ideas by cultivating your confidence
  • Refreshing you to stand boldly and make a difference
  • Being Timely – as this is the time for the church to MOVE with James 1:27
  • It is time to START!

START sessions will also include inspiring songs, powerful videos, amazing testimonies, dynamic panel discussions, and engaging teamwork in tables groups.

All day Arrivals and registration in Empress Convention Center
17:00 Dinner — 1st floor, Empress Convention Center
18:10 – 20:30 START Session I: God
  Welcome by MC Rodel Lacson
  Opening Prayer
  Greeting by Momrajawongse Supinda Chakraband, Thai Royal Representative
  Worship with Mac Powell and Abundant Grace Church Worship Team
  Keynote by Prince Guneratnam
  Panel of testimonies: Glimpses of what God is Doing Around the World
  Table Discussions
  Keynote by Efraim Tendero
  Closing prayer by Thongchai Pradubchananurat, chair of the Thailand Protestant Churches Coordinating Committee