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Alexander Evsyukov

Leader of the Christian Creative Mediagroup BOG.MEDIA

Alexander Evsyukov is a leader of the Christian Creative Mediagroup BOG.MEDIA ("Bog" means "God" in Russian). The Media group includes a line of media projects - BOG.TV, BOG.NEWS, BOG FM, BOG APP. All projects have the main goal of spreading the values of God’s Kingdom and helping churches, ministries and Christian initiatives to be highly effective in their media. The media group began to support WWO values and projects in Ukraine during Orphan Sunday a few years ago.

Alexander is also a part of the leadership team of the God Seekers Movement. This is an inter-church and international prayer movement, which organises global prayer events all over the former USSR, such as the Global Prayer For Awakening, God Seekers Conference and the Penuel Retreat.

Alexander together with his wife Katya serve in full time ministry as a missionaries for the past 10 years. They have 3 biological and one adopted children, and love the idea of serving orphans all around the Globe.


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