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Cassie Carstens

The World Needs a Father

Cassie Carstens’ primary mission is to train transformational leaders. He co-founded the International Sports Leadership School (ISLS) in 1999, and founded the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (ALICT) in 2004. He initiated Ubabalo, now operating in 140 countries, through which sport coaches are trained to be life coaches and thus model sound fatherhood to the youth. As chaplain of the 1995 South African Rugby World Cup winning team that was championed by the former president, Nelson Mandela, he has seen first hand how societal and cultural reconciliation and transformation can materialise through the vehicle of sport. He also serves on the leadership of the International Sports Coalition (ISC), which is responsible for the training of 100,000 leaders per year. Of late, Cassie’s primary focus has been on addressing the global pandemic of fatherlessness, in doing so started the movement now known as The World Needs A Father and authored an eponymous book, which thoroughly addresses the issue of fatherlessness. As an international speaker, trainer and strategist, Cassie believes that leaders determine success and that the right values ensure the future.

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