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Katherine Hallick

Social Worker and Trauma Specialist, Hallick and Associates

In her 35 years of work experience as a social worker and therapist, Kathy has worked with children, youth, and adults affected by psychological trauma in many areas:
•        Children, youth, adults and families who struggle to come to grips with the trauma associated with living with a mental and/or physical disability and integrating into community living;
•        Children and youth traumatized by maltreatment at the hands of their loved ones and care providers  and having to be separated from those they love and placed in foster/group care;
•        Families affected by either domestic violence or the trauma associated with relocating to a new country; as is the case with new refugees or immigrants to Manitoba from war torn countries; and  
•        Aboriginal people throughout our province, who still experience intergenerational trauma as a result of the cultural genocide and legacy of the residential school system in Canada.

Kathy has been honoured to take this professional, front-line experience into the classroom setting on the local, provincial, national and international level. She trains others how to work effectively with children and families affected by trauma and to promote family-based, inclusive, trauma-informed care for all children.  
Hallick and Associates is a partner of the Global Capacity Building Network with LAMb International.

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