/ 2016 speakers

Katherine Hallick

Social Worker and Trauma Specialist, Hallick and Associates

In my 35 years of work experience as a social worker, I have assisted many children, youth, adults and families come to grips with the trauma associated with living with a mental and/or physical disability.  Most of my experience working with those affected by trauma has been in the child welfare field.  I have worked for over 30 years with children traumatized by maltreatment at the hands of their loved ones.  Concurrently, my work in the child welfare field has given me the opportunity to work with families affected by either family violence or the trauma associated with relocating to a new country; as is the case with new refugees or immigrants to Manitoba from war torn countries.  The trauma experiences of these families has tested our level of comprehension in Canada and has stretched our learning and service provision capabilities.  In addition, as I work with entire Aboriginal populations throughout the northern part of our province, my interventions have had to incorporate the generational trauma they still experience to this day as a result of the cultural genocide so many Aboriginal people experienced through the 60s scoop or the legacy of the residential school system.