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Kimberly Quinley

Founder, Step Ahead, Leader, Strong Families Alliance Thailand, and Life Coach

Kimberly Quinley has spent 35 years serving in Thailand with her husband John and their four children (all adults now). Kimberly and John founded Step Ahead, an organization committed to see all children in Thailand grow up in safe and nurturing families.

Step Ahead advocates, delivers services and strengthens the capacity of families and communities, and the social service workforce in government and civil society to increase wellbeing for children in Thailand.

Shortly after the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Step Ahead built four child development centers in communities ravished by the giant wave and started a family strengthening program called, Keeping Families Together (KFT). The KFT curriculum is being used all over Thailand and in four other Southeast Asian nations.

Kimberly serves as an active, founding member of the UNCRC Thailand Coalition Alternative Care group and on the Thai Government Alternative Care Working Group drafting legislation with implementing policies and procedures focused on implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children.

Step Ahead partnered with Childline Thailand to pioneer an innovative foster care program as an alternative for asylum-seeker and refugee children living in Bangkok’s notorious and overcrowded Immigration Detention Center. Kimberly served on the government committee to write the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the new government MoU to end the detention of children. She also serves on the government committee drafting foster care legislation.

Kimberly is a founding leader for Stong Families Alliance Thailand (SFAT), a Christian alliance with the same vision and goals as World Without Orphans. 
Kimberly’s certification as a Life Coach (ACC ICF) and three decades of experience working in Thailand helps her deliver trainings and consulting to leaders, teams and individual staff. She and her husband John have fostered Thai and refugee children. 


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