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13-16 MARCH 2019


We are excited to announce the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans 2019, which will take place 13-16 March 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.  This will be a strategic gathering for the global church in advancing efforts to end ‘orphanhood’ and to ensure that all children grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing families.

Registration and program information will be available in May 2018.

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Kirk Wong

Sound Production Mixer, Eloy
Kirk Wong was born in the shadows of the Rockies, in Alberta Canada. He got his first start in the media field by joining the media advocacy training school, A Voice for the Voiceless.
He has since helped produce projects for NGO’s such as APRECOM, Identity Seal, and The Film Institute. He has shot on location in numerous parts of Africa, and has covered topics such as orphan care, AIDS, genocide, and more.