/ 2016 speakers

Luis Bush

Servant, Transform World 2020 and Servant Catalyst, 4/14 Window Movement

Luis Bush, born and raised in Latin America is married to Doris with whom he has four children and eighteen grandchildren. He is a servant catalyst on God’s missional movements including COMIBAM—a Latin America cross-cultural mission’s movement, AD 2000 & Beyond Movement, toward a church for every people and the gospel for every person; 10/40 Window Movement; North India Harvest Network; MANI—Mobilizing African National Initiatives; 35/45 Turkic Window; Transform World Movement—connecting God’s agents of transformation; 4/14 Window Movement—raising up a new generation of children to transform the world; Transform World 2020—responding to seven mega challenges through seven spheres of cultural influence in 10 regions of the world; Nurturer Movement—raising up NextGen to disciple the children; Mission China 2030—sending 20,000 Chinese missionaries by 2030.