/ 2016 speakers

Lynn Johnston

Co-founder of LAMb International

Lynn Johnston, R.T.C, B.A. has been training and consulting in the area of child welfare and leadership since 2001. He is the co-founder of LAMb International, which was commissioned in 2004 by Mapleview Community Church in Barrie, Ontario.  As a sojourning missionary, he conducts global capacity building initiatives which are sustainable in the area of psychological trauma, leadership, management, discipleship, child protection and child welfare.  Since 2003 he has ministered in over 30 countries, including India, African countries, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Nepal, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Brazil, and Ecuador.  

Lynn is the former president of the Secondary Teachers Federation – York Region Ontario, Canada where he managed a team of leaders and mediators representing over 20,000 teachers.  He is a trained mediator, teacher, and guidance counselor.

Lynn holds a B.A. from Queens University, Kingston, Ontario.

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