/ 2016 speakers

Mick Pease

Founder, SFAC

Mick Pease has 40 years social work practice in UK with Local Government working in residential care, child protection, foster / kinship care and adoption.

In 2002 he founded SFAC a UK-registered charity. Their team have worked in over 30 countries focussing on family-based care options whilst advocating for the safe care of children in families through education, equipping and empowering local people.

Motivated by his own passion for family, (a father of two and grandfather to six grandchildren) along with his Christian background, Mick made the decision to plough his energies and professional expertise into reaching children and organisations with the knowledge, experience and skills in working with vulnerable children. 

Mick has always asked this question “if you wouldn’t place your own child in an orphanage, why consider it the best option for the world’s most vulnerable children?”

SFAC work globally with their small team of social work practitioners, trauma therapists, psychologist and legal experts from the smallest grassroots communities to NGO’s and governments with a child’s best interest the clear focus wherever they are.

Mick has recently co-authored the book ‘Children Belong in Families’ - A Remarkable Journey Towards Global Change available through childrenbelonginfamilies.net


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