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Oleg Shelashskiy

Executive Director of International Leadership and Development Center (ILDC)

Oleg Shelashskiy is the Executive Director of International Leadership and Development Center (ILDC), based in Kiev, Ukraine, ILDC's primary emphasis is to provide training and orientation for actual & prospective adoptive and foster care parents and orphan caregivers through conferences, literature and other activities.

WWO Interview with Oleg
As a participant in the upcoming Global Forum for a World Without Orphans to be held on February 11-14, 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Ronnie Mosley interviewed Oleg about his heart for orphan ministry.


WWO: How did God open your eyes and heart for the orphan?

Oleg: I never saw myself in orphan ministry, I started out in business, then youth ministry. I was offered a job with an organization that was engaged in orphan ministry and after praying about it, decided to go. While working for this ministry I adopted one of the children that was in their care and it impacted my life tremendously. 

WWO: What are 3 things every Christian leader should know when it comes to caring for orphans?


1. Orphans belong in families. Rather than starting more orphanages, we need to shift the focus to families.

2. Orphans are vulnerable, so the work requires special knowledge and skills, more than just passion and good intentions. You can hurt a child in the process or help them.

3. Sometimes you don’t see the results of your work right away, you have to walk in faith. Many times you will see transformed lives later. Do it because it is the right thing to do and don’t expect quick results.

WWO: What would be your message to the global church?

Oleg: It is a systematic problem in society that we don’t have a way to take care of orphans. But many times it is also a spiritual problem, because of sin. Many times, children are orphaned by neglect and parents struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. The church should address this spiritual problem by caring for people and not expect the government to do it. God can restore all brokenness.

WWO: What excites you most about being a part of the Global Forum?

Oleg: It is exciting to see how God is doing the same thing in other countries. This happens in different countries, and things change. We all have the same passion and vision. It is exciting to see how more awareness is being brought to orphans and that the church can bring healing.

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