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Permpoon Lappunya

Assistant Pastor at Church of Power and Project Manager for Keeping Families Together
Mr.Permpoon Lappunya serves as Assistant Pastor at Church of Power and as Project Manager for Keeping Families Together [KFT]. He has been serving at the church for nine years and with KFT since 2015.
Permpoon Lappunya was born in a poor family and had no chance to live like other people in good communities. When he accepted Christ as his Savior, his life became better in every way as I received love and many opportunities to share that love. He then had a heart to help other needy people and give them a chance to change like he did, so he made decision to serve God at Church of Power. He enjoyed serving with KFT and found that this project really helped many people in the community. It has encouragedhim to see that the KFT team has sacrificed themselves to help poor people (including his family) in many ways. They now have better lives and new opportunities! 
His vision is to bring God’s Love and Power to the Thai community, especially to broken homes, by giving them hope and love. We want to see them become strong Christians so that they can share God’s Love with others. 
Poor children and orphans really need new opportunities to grow, as they will become adults in the future. If they could have a good foundation, they can have a better life and make a big impact in the lives of others. Having healthy families is the best way for children to receive that good foundation to give them a brighter future. If we want to see the world changed for Christ, we need to start with the families.

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