/ 2016 speakers

Steve Young

Senior Program Officer with the First Fruit Institute

Steve started his career as an architect/homebuilder in the Mid-West. Building 100 homes per year developed his ability to problem solve, manage clients and envision process. In 2007 as a result of the great recession, Steve joined First Fruit as a program officer. 

In 2014 Steve led the foundation into targeted granting, focused on Family based Care solutions for Orphans. His passion, is to see the FBC movement and initiatives, allow children to Remain in, be Restored to, or Regain a permanent family. His desire is to see Children, impacted through strengthened families, influenced by the local church. 

In his free time you will find Steve with his wife and 4 daughters or with a chainsaw in hand maintaining his 7 acres on Whidbey, Island Washington, USA.

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