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Steve Young

Program Officer - First Fruit

Steve married into the Ochs family in 1990 and joined the board of First Fruit in 1995 where he has served for many years.  Steve and his wife Kristi rotated off the board as their family and homebuilding business grew.  In 2006 they felt it was time to re-engage with First Fruit in a more intentional way and rejoined the board.  With the desire to understand more what is involved in grant making, Steve joined the staff as a program officer part-time in 2008 and has been full-time for the past 3 years.  

Steve really enjoys the relational aspect of the work, particularly with the goal of encouraging those he meets.  He values the level of understanding travel brings to his work as he engages with people of other cultures and faith experiences. Being part of the next generation of the Ochs family, Steve feels privileged to be involved in the foundation’s work and to expose his four daughters to God’s work around the world.

Steve has a passion for placing children into families and leads First Fruits OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) initiative, more specifically focused on Family-Based Care.


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